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November 6, 2008


Something good did happen, something significant, on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. That’s right: finally, the vampire Muslim lesbian terrorist constituency has a voice.

There’s no particular coherent theme to these comments, really, just what I was thinking on Tuesday night.

We’ve elected someone who knows—and cares—about the Constitution and the rule of law. That can only be a good thing, even though Obama’s going to have to spend most of the next four years just trying to slow down the rate of decay. He’s well aware of this, I believe.

His acceptance speech (and I haven’t seen much commentary on this) actually dropped the S-bomb. That’s right, he told us, as Americans, that we might even have to…


…and not just in the way we’ve come to expect (by letting heathens elsewhere sacrifice for us).

Obama should borrow at least one strategy from the previous administration: advance on all fronts at once. Don’t do things one at a time—there isn’t time for that anyway! Changes in multiple areas can synergize. He’s well aware of this too, I believe.

John McCain’s concession speech was, as all have said, gracious. If he’d campaigned the way he conceded, he might well have been giving an acceptance speech that night.

This is not the end. Obama’s election will not cure your warts or reverse the foreclosure of your house. He can’t really walk on water and doesn’t have a herd of unicorns at his beck and call. But he has a nation of millions behind him, and with him we can—yes, we can—make the U.S.A. a better place.


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