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Nobody Walks

April 11, 2009

I lived in Los Angeles for five years. It’s dry and dusty, self-indulgent and self-centered, a sprawling patchwork of a thousand different cultures and lifestyles unified by geography but not much else. It’s a crazy place and it nearly drove me crazy when I moved there from a much smaller city. But it’s also a vital and fascinating place, with more going on per square mile than almost anywhere else in the world, much less in the U.S.

That’s why I found much to enjoy in two very different perspectives on L.A., both via Metafilter – the savage “Southern California Is For Suckers” and the gentler tone of the comment in this Metafilter thread. Read ’em both, and you’ll be able to triangulate pretty well on my own feelings about the city where nobody walks.

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