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Not much of a joiner, anyway

December 10, 2009

So tell me again, why should I join Facebook?

And if that doesn’t dissuade you from joining the masses… there’s this older article on Outsmarting Facebook, which I’d been meaning to blog about for awhile anyway (via Rebecca’s Pocket).

(Update April 22, 2010):

And then there’s Facebook Further Reduces Your Control Over Personal Information, via Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Making Light… and as if that weren’t enough, Facebook: Privacy Enemy Number One? – that one via Flutterby. Both on the same day. Hmm…

(Update May 10, 2010):

Also from Making Light comes the even more forceful 10 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account by one Dan Yoder, who seems to have an inside perspective on the matter. Sheesh!

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