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Press Lever, Receive Pellet

March 13, 2010

I would not have looked to an online humor site whose normal obsessions run more to “boobies” (their word) for a penetrating analysis of the applied psychology used in money-making online role-playing games, but there it is… the online incarnation of Cracked, of all places, has nailed this cautionary tale, for anyone who can still tear herself (or himself) away from constant level-grinding, in “5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted” (via Haddock, again, though blogged widely elsewhere as well).

I’ve thought this before… as role-playing “games” get closer and closer to the roles we are constrained to play in reality, they become more boring—as tedious as the constrained reality from which they’re supposedly a respite. Give me an entertaining and finite abstraction from reality instead, please, any day.

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