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Maggie and Maurice

May 4, 2010

Sometimes you just don’t want to go looking, ya know? I found myself wondering the other day—one of those random bits of media trivia I used to know and have since forgotten—what Joel the doctor’s surname was, on the acclaimed TV series Northern Exposure. Joel was played by Rob Morrow, I remembered that, and the trusty Internet Movie Database came through again: Joel’s last name is Fleischman.

All was well and good, but then I got curious and started looking at other actors in the series, like the one who played the feisty pilot Maggie O’Connell: Janine Turner. And so I find out to my regret that Ms. Turner’s got a website (not linked here for reasons that will shortly become obvious) on which she proudly claims association with Faux News, Glenn Beck and the mercury-addled members of the Mad Tea Party! Turns out her politics are a lot more like those of Maurice Minnifield than I’d ever suspected.

Oh, sure, Turner could have thought that way all along—her character certainly had some convincing arguments with the Noo Yawk liberal Dr. Fleischman—but somehow I’d never thought of her as likely to be that kind of true believer before…

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