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Small things I like (4)

July 3, 2010

(4th in a series…)

Simple, beautiful can opener

I like just about everything about this simple can opener, including:

  1. Its charming birdlike shape, both functional and decorative;
  2. The innovative way it works—it cuts off the lid at the side, which means it leaves no sharp edges, and the lid doesn’t splash into the contents. It’s easy to use, too, requiring very little pressure to operate, and the blade stays clean.
  3. Its heft, and the solid material of which it’s made.
  4. I love the fact that this object is, unlike almost any other consumer good, completely devoid of text. There is no branding, no model number or helpful instructions, not even a “Made in…” to sully its pure and simple nature. All that was on the package, instead, leaving this purely functional object to its function.

Well done.

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