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We met before you were born…

December 4, 2010

I have actually been watching television of late. Oh, nothing new… but io9 was right—the short-lived 2007 series Journeyman is enigmatic, understated, plot-driven, complex, well-acted… no wonder it was cancelled after just one short season. The “Blowback” episode in particular is some of the strongest televised fiction I’ve ever seen.

Dan Vasser is a reporter in San Francisco who suddenly starts being yanked through time. There’s no obvious mechanism, no hint of why or how, but whenever he goes, he seems to be meant to do something. Which he usually manages to do… at which point he’s yanked back to his present, his wife and son. Who are not happy about his disappearances, especially when it turns out that one of the people Dan meets in the past is his supposedly long-dead girlfriend.

Check out all thirteen episodes on Hulu, if you have the bandwidth (and who doesn’t?) and can stand the ads. One warning, which you probably don’t need if you’ve read this far: at the end, there are no final answers, but there is some hope.

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