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Magister Ludi x2

May 15, 2013

A couple of online toys that’ve been sucking my time lately…

First, Turing Drawings (via Metafilter). Generative two-dimensional patterns, some of which are quite… fractal-looking.

Using 3 states and 7 symbols seems to be a productive sweet spot where many patterns continue evolving for a long time, rather than devolving to simple, unchanging states or random-looking, ever-changing snow.

I kind of liked the way this one looked.

And, second:
GeoGuessr, via Waxy. Where in the world is the Google StreetView car? Figure out where you are and get points—the closer you get, the higher the score. It’s surprisingly difficult to do well, even after you realize that you can move around and zoom in, on both the StreetView and the world map.

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