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I Am Lost

October 19, 2013

So our family recently gave in and joined the Great Satan… that is, we signed up for a Netflix account, despite having one of the best video stores in the country just down the street. And so it came to pass that I have been binging on the television series Lost.

I know, I know, it goes to hell in the end… but I’m just now partway into Season 3 and… I can see why people found it captivating. What’s going to happen next? (No, don’t tell me… I’ll find out as it goes.)

One of the more interesting bits, at least to me, is how, even in the depths of the Bush years, this show managed to portray a sympathetic character who is an Iraqi soldier… and not just a soldier but a member of the Red Guard and an accomplished interrogator. A torturer, to put it bluntly. But nevertheless Sayid is one of the good guys, his soft brown eyes and precisely accented English some of the better features of this enormously complex show.

There are so many touching moments… and sure, it’s manipulative, but sometimes… sometimes we enjoy being manipulated, don’t we? This ain’t no Gilligan’s Island, friends. But it is an altogether engrossing experience, with an intensity unmatched by most other televised creations, and I am happily getting lost in it.

At least so far.

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