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PDX = Pretty Darn eXcellent

March 11, 2014
Some of the things I like about Portland, Oregon—and all these pictures are from the same day, too…


PDX: Art Van

Art van at Fred Meyer Hawthorne, March 8, 2014

This art car was just pulling in to our local Fred Meyer store’s parking lot, but that’s not the neat part—the neat part is that the arm you see is a wiper blade that was jauntily waving back and forth to the strains of “Disco Inferno.”


PDX: Chicks under heat lamp

Hot chicks at Concentrates in Milwaukie. March 8, 2014

Or warm and cozy ones, anyway… these little charmers were at a garden store called Concentrates, down in Milwaukie (hey, it counts as the Portland metro area, anyway).


Movie Madness is still one of the country’s great video stores—where else can you look ceilingward and see a trussed-up Mugwump? If shiny discs—or, for that matter, videotapes—are still playable somewhere in your Portland domicile, then this is the place to go get ’em.

PDX: Movie Madness

Movie Madness’ marquee, March 8, 2014

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