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February 14, 2015

There’s a segment of the population for whom pitting fictional characters and weapons from various different creators against each other is an obsession.

I am not in that segment; for the most part, I don’t care whether a Battlestar could kick ass against the ship from Independence Day, or how either would fare against the kid from that Twilight Zone episode based on Jerome Bixby’s “It’s a Good Life.”

And Star Wars vs. Star Trek? —that’s the most overdone gedankenexperiment in this whole freakin’ metafictional laboratory.

But then there’s this:

Star Wars vs. Star Trek: The Trailer

With a moment of awesome between young Kirk and the Emperor Palpatine that seriously sent chills down my spine… this is worth watching even if you’ve never wanted to put Hercules and the Hulk into a cage match.

[That’s a single YouTube link, by the way routed through a site that strips out the surrounding sidebar and comments, apparently (so it says) without violating YouTube’s TOS. The original post I saw on BoingBoing is at, if you’d rather see it the usual way.]

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