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I guess we need to call you President Crazypants now

November 12, 2016

This one is on you, Don.

I was shopping in a local grocery store just after the November 2016 election, surrounded by people speaking Somali and Spanish as often as English, people whose skins were often much darker than mine, and I could not bring myself to meet their eyes. For the first time in my life, I am truly ashamed of being white and male—of being the beneficiary of so much unasked-for white privilege. I do not blame them for my feelings—the people of color who surrounded me were innocent. They had no idea what I was going through, and they did not, as far as I could tell, even notice my shame.

I blame you, Don—you, and the people who got you elected, the people who were, mostly, white and male. People like me, at least physically.

Consider the following:

Everything—and I mean everything—evil that you’ve ever heard or—heaven help us—seen in a meme about Hillary Rodham Clinton was said about her, by someone else, someone with an axe to grind.

Contrast this with yourself, Donald Trump—the things that convict you are the things you’ve said.

Consider the possibility that the reason Congress has never found anything to pin on Hillary despite decades—and I mean decades—of trying is because there actually isn’t anything to pin on her; that, in fact, she is exactly the person she seems to be in public—strong, resolute, often abrasive, but not in any way the criminal mastermind she’s been painted as by others.

Consider the likelihood that Clinton herself had nothing to do with setting up a private email server. She’s not a tech. Some bright lad suggested to her staff that it’d be a good idea, and they ran with it. Remember that no one has ever found anything actionable in any of the email messages Clinton has ever sent, James Comey’s cleverly-timed pre-election announcement notwithstanding.

Consider also this fact: despite those decades of relentless vilification and abuse, despite having a husband whose philandery became very public knowledge, Hillary Clinton has remained steadfast and strong throughout. She has never—not even once—had a public meltdown. That’s the kind of strength we need leading the country. Donald Trump? You have public tantrums every freaking week!

Donald Trump may still rise to meet the demands of the office of President. That is the outcome for which we all must hope as a nation. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, would have been Presidential from day one—she has, in fact, been Presidential material, all along.

The Republic will survive Donald Trump. I do truly believe that. But it would have thrived with Hillary. And the fact that it won’t, now… that one is on you too, Don. And on us—on the white males (not I, because I did vote for Hillary, but men not all that different from me) who somehow got you elected.

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