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Comment policy

Not that there’s been much comment to justify this, but I thought it’d be a good idea to have an explicit comment policy in place in advance anyway.


This is my blog. You don’t, actually, have any right to appear here. I currently screen all comments before they may be posted and reserve the right to omit or edit what you say before I allow it to appear under my banner.

That said, I will try to maintain intellectual honesty and freedom of discussion, subject to the following constraints (in this order):

1. My availability.
I’m a busy guy with more interests than this blog, as you can probably tell from the sporadic nature of my posts. It may take several days for a comment to be approved here even if it’s totally appropriate. Please don’t worry in the meantime.

2. My decisions on what’s appropriate.
I like to think of myself as more intellectually honest than the next guy. I won’t drop a comment just because the poster disagrees with me, and if I’ve made a mistake of fact I will own up to it and credit the person who pointed it out. I’ve done that sort of thing before. But abuse, ad hominem attacks and anything else I don’t think is appropriate simply won’t become visible here, or will disappear later if I decide I’ve made a mistake in allowing it.

For that matter, don’t think that agreeing with me gets you a free pass! “With friends like these…” You may not engage in abuse here, even if you’re on my side.

Which leads me to the third constraint:

3. Your behavior.
This part’s up to you. Imagine that everything you say will be read by someone who cares, please. Because – at least once – it will be.


This policy is subject to revision in detail, though I don’t expect the core principles to change.

Initially posted 5/5/2007. Last updated 5/5/2007.

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